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KNR pieces are crafted with a family-owned production house with over three decades of experience.

My boyfriend and I made a appointment with Kami to look at a ring in person that I had found on Etsy. We were very hesitant to purchase online, and wanted to make sure the diamond and craftsmanship was of a quality we would be happy with. After warily wading through the jewelry district in downtown L.A., we found his office on an upper floor of a high rise, no pushy showroom. Very clean, very professional. Kami himself was very professional. He showed us the ring and the matching wedding band, and even showed us the mold for the particular ring we were viewing. I asked lots of questions about his process and his making of all his jewelry and was very impressed. Another customer also came in while we were there to have his ring repaired. I couldn't help but observe further his relationship with his customers and the respect they in turn have for him. Such a great experience. His diamonds are certified, and he had different options to fit our price range. That being said, terrific prices and still willing to work with us. We purchased both rings, and he sized them within an hour. Amazing. Will definitely be returning to him and referring him to everyone.

Renita L.

You can stop looking for that perfect mix between custom design, great stones and an amazing price!  Not to mention, Kami, the owner, is one of the best people I've met in Los Angeles in the 10 years I lived there.  He's a man that still loves his wife, and will speak openly about marriage and the kind of ring that can help define your relationship.  

Moreover, he didn't pressure me, he didn't try to up sell me even when I offered more money if he felt the stone could be improved.  Kami locked us into the perfect ring, an IF rated stone with the perfect cut, the perfect diamond material in the stone itself, not a glassy looking stone, and to cap it off he helped us into the perfect design.  

I can't recommend KNR enough!  It's worth at least speaking to Kami so you can know the difference between someone looking to help you and someone looking to sell you.  Love these guys!!!!

Terrence B.

My beautiful engagement ring came from KNR this past summer.  Kami was a pleasure to work with and was very accommodating when we needed to return the ring (across country) to be sized.  Due to the many stones in the Legacy style setting, the resizing required that all of the stones be checked to ensure they were secure after sizing.  We also wanted a slightly thicker bezel around the center stone to ensure its security which Kami did for us.  Great customer service and fast turn around.  Thank you.  
Ann and Mark

Ann E.